Earnings Check-in: $ITRN Unveils Hidden Bringg Asset Worth Third of Market Cap

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Ituran posted solid results for Q2’21. OEM subscribers notched a gain and aftermarket continued to plug away subscriber gains. They gained 24,000 subs, well ahead of the typical range of 15-20k per quarter. Given operating leverage, EBITDA reached its highest level in 2 years, which makes sense now that the OEM business has stabilized.

I also really liked what they had to say about Brazil and their future there:

“Once we decide to take our technology from the Israeli market, duplicated to the Brazilian market. I’m talking about gaining more and more market share, and I will be a little bit arrogant. And I think that in 2 or 3 years from now, we will be the largest fleet management and telematics services in Brazil. We are growing exponentially from month to month. And I really believe that in 2022, this will allow us to increase materially the numbers of subscribers, the net subscribers growth in Brazil apart from the Ituran SVR. And the third segment that we do it in Brazil and in Mexico, by the way, is duplicate our business from the United States. The U.S. business of Ituran is quite small, but it’s something that is very unique to run traditional applications.”

Please go back and read my initial post on the company as well as the Q1 recap for more.

Ituran also renewed its share repurchase program, which is a positive addition to the dividend. They’ve paid down a considerable amount of debt, which I expect to continue, but the return of capital story is more positive than I expected.

Ituran continues to print cash and I think the market underestimates this recurring business. The stock still trades at ~6.5x 2022 consensus estimates. 

However, that number drops even further when you account for Bringg, an investment Ituran made in 2014.

 “In June, one of our early-stage mobility technology holdings, Bringg, a company we seeded in 2014, raised capital from leading venture capital investors. We are very proud that in only seven years, this company, of which  Ituran remains the largest shareholder with 17%, has grown to its current valuation of $1 billion and it is still valued at close to zero on our balance sheet. Ituran prides itself on its ability to correctly read market trends and invest into disruptive mobility technologies. Our investment in Bringg is a successful element of this strategy and has become a strong value-add to Ituran and its shareholders.”

The Bringg stake is therefore worth $170MM to Ituran, valued at zero on the balance sheet, and foots to about a third of Ituran’s market cap.

Adding everything non-core, Ituran trades at less than 4x ’22 EBITDA:

Ituran ex-non core assets

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