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  • Tax loss harvesting is something I tend to think about after a strong year of equity returns. I find myself asking if I should reduce risk in some names or at least re-balance the portfolio. The problem is that this can create significant capital gains. That said, if you are

  • “Past performance is not indicative of future results” you say as you read this post. But it can be a tool for analyzing what asset allocation performed the best. The markets are particularly tough to apply history to, though, because of the wide amount of factors involved. Interest rates, valuations,

  • No surprises here, when volatility reared its head throughout 2018, the “safety” classes outperformed risk. That should make intuitive sense, especially when considering the S&P500s 18.7% return in 2017 (and 21.4% when including dividends). But as we all should know, it pays in the longer term to have some diversification.

  • As I write this, the yield curve is about to be inverted. I was taken aback today when I saw that 3-month LIBOR is now sitting at 2.6%. As a reminder, LIBOR is the rate that other banks will lend funds to each other on a short-term basis. It is

  • I thought I would run through a little portfolio theory for today‚Äôs post. I want to answer whether it still makes sense to invest in bonds (and perhaps even Gold). I know, this may be a shocker to some people given (i) the fed was raising rates, (ii) I am